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better, there had to be more. 'It didn't feel natural to spend my free time in my car, to and from work, and feeling too tired on my days off to do anything. Js index 1748a2c.06c a/core/modules/user/user. There's also air conditioning for the hot days.

Both of these leads into a waste water container, which needs to be emptied like on regular caravans (right). On his, skoolielove blog, Schmidt wrote: 'It's the lifestyle that I want to live. switch (weaknesses) - case 1: - strength -.5; - break; - - case 2: - strength - 25; - break; - - case 3: - strength - 40; - break; - - case. Schmidt even made a stop at Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota, during his journey from Las Vegas to Florida. After Schmidt (left) bought the bus in March he drove it to Las Vegas where he and his dad (right) spent three months renovating. The motorhome is equipped with portable stoves as well as fridge freezer, sink and other amenities (pictured). Var result zxcvbn(password, blacklist - / Lose 5 points for every character less than 6, plus a 30 point penalty. 'I was tired of wasting money on rent for an apartment that I was never using because I worked so much Schmidt told. If (!hasLowercase) dLowerCase - weaknesses; if (!hasUppercase) dUpperCase - weaknesses; if (!hasNumbers) dNumbers - weaknesses; if (!hasPunctuation) dPunctuation - weaknesses; - - - / Apply penalty for each weakness (balanced against length penalty). A toilet 'cubicle' is separated from the rest of the bus, along with the shower, which is behind the curtains (left by a wooden door.

Maltadult : 2 screenings coming up! Whos to say 7:00 pm 17 November notes a boy and his dog (1975) warm up sketch 12:09 pm 17 notes cat eye on point 3:37 pm 241 notes chicken tender 2:26 pm 40 notes, gonna premiere my new cartoon in my city here on Thursday. The conversion project costed approximately 9,000. if (strength 60) - indicatorText translate. Length;k in qfunction(b,a)var.length)return c;O/d3 W/19dd200d201d Mfunction(b)var 31 X,Y,Z, d,c,e;if(a b)return 0;if(0a)return c;nfunction(b)return a;mafunction(b)var a,d,c,e,f,g,h;tch(X)return 0; e,Z,Y;a0;for(ce. / Give the user some suggestions to make the password stronger.

Not scrimping on luxuries, Schmidt has also installed a heater and, next to it, a water cooler. There were camping spots for motorhomes where he could stop to empty the waste tank, charge up his vehicle and have a hot shower. Im excited 11:13 am 15 notes spookers 1:19 am 18 notes fighting kangaroo 1:10 am 36 notes recent selfie transformation / i got a haircut again 11:48 am 28 September notes. Slide me, the vehicle was previously a school bus (left) but it wastransformed into a cozy home in a matter of months (right). The bathroom has a functioning hot-and-cold water shower and working toilet, both drain into a 32 gallon waste tank. / Create a site specific vocabulary so personal info can be heavily / penalized. ' LowerCase LowerCase meAsEmailDomainPart - / Based on the strength, work out what text should be shown by the password strength meter. Schmidt can cook a full dinner in his motorhome by using a portable stove and storing his food in the bus's fridge. The bus runs totally off the grid by using solar panels on the roof and batteries to run everything in the vehicle.

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Schmidt said he plans to head back west to look for odd jobs before getting to work on the bed and breakfast. Inside, there's all the amenities you might find in a caravan, including a bathroom, kitchen and even air conditioning. But having a skoolie plate - which converted school buses often showcase - also helped. Js @ -53,11 53,12 @ / Only show the description box if a weakness exists in the password. Patrick Schmidt converted a 1990s school bus into a motorhome with his dad over the course of three months, then set off on a 10,000 mile road trip - but he's not done yet. Continue to drive the Highways of America, meet people and continue searching for new experiences. It took three months for the bus to be converted into the motorhome that Schmidt used to travel the country. He told MailOnline Travel: 'I would like to continue to grow Skoolielove, and promote Tiny Living. And after the winter, Schmidt plans to continue his journey on the American highways. Schmidt is currently stopped in Florida for the winter, but hopes to begin traveling again once the weather gets warmer.

Var usernameBox ername var username (usernameBox. 'People give me thumbs up, the peace sign, waves, all sorts of ways to show their love and appreciation.'. strength 5; / Check if password is related to the email address. Weak; indicatorColor bb5555 break; case 1 : indicatorText translate. I want to live fully on a bus, and make that my life. ' LowerCase LowerCase meAsEmailUsernamePart if (password! eE.split a,d,c,e,f;a0;for(c in b)fbc, afunction var d undefined"!typeof diff -git a/core/braries.

Schmidt decided to quit his job in Seattle because he 'wanted more out of life' and wanted to try to 'live tiny'. Fair; indicatorColor bbbb55 break; case 2 : indicatorText translate. Diff -git new file mode 1006000.404944d - /dev/null @ -0,0 1 @ (function var a;afunction var diff -git new file mode 1006000.f6ebc0e - /dev/null @ -0,0 1,43 @ (function var a,d;d;for(a in b)d.push(a return.length;yfunction(b,a)return h;rfunction(b)var c(h c(f i;k0;for(mj. Fair; - indicatorColor bbbb55 - else if (strength 80) - indicatorText translate. Schmidt had been working at a Seattle airport prior to heading to California and buying the bus to being his adventure. 'Most likely make my way back to Vegas, see my parents, and get back up to Seattle to start a Bed and Breakfast. Good; - indicatorColor 4863a0 - else if (strength 100) - indicatorText rong; - indicatorColor 47c965 / Based on the strength, work out what text should be shown by the password / strength meter. The bus features wooden floors and cabinets that Schmidt and his father installed using DIY materials. He describes himself as having 'No job, short on money, living in my dream tiny home'. 100 rength 3 - / Adjust the length of the strength indicator.

Schmidt, who goes by the handle Skoolielove on Twitter and Instagram, purchased the 4,500 bus in March of this year in California and drove it to his parent's home in Las Vegas. The motorhome owner started from Las Vegas and traveled through 30 states before reaching Florida, where he is currently stationed. After the winter, Patrick plans to continue his journey around the country. Yml index d2c35b9.f78084b a/core/braries. ' LowerCase LowerCase meAsEmail if (password!

A 29-year-old adventurer has quit his job and jumped into a converted school bus in hopes of living his life as one long road trip. Length) * 5) 30; - / Count weaknesses. Thus far, Schmidt's 10,000 mile journey traversed 30 states, including California, Colorado and New York. Patrick Schmidt, 29, converted a 1990s school bus into a motorhome so he could travel across the country in a portable tiny home. / Adjust the length of the strength indicator, the zxcvbn library / will return a strength indicator from 0 (weak) to 4 (strong).

'I plan on living out of the Bus for years to come.'. Pictured above, Schmidt created a collage of himself hanging out in several different spots of his motorhome. His 10,000 mile journey traversed 30 states, including California, Colorado and New York. function (password, translate) - var indicatorText, indicatorColor, weaknesses 0, strength 100, msg ; var indicatorText, indicatorColor, msg, emailName emailDomain var hasLowercase /a-z/.test(password var hasUppercase /A-Z/.test(password var hasNumbers /0-9/.test(password var hasPunctuation /a-zA-Z0-9/.test(password - / If there is a username. With his dad's help, Schmidt converted the bus into a tiny 189-square-foot motorhome using materials purchased from DIY shops and online. Length 6) oShort - strength - (6 - password. ' LowerCase LowerCase meAsUsername - / Passwords the same as username are always very weak. In August, Schmidt set off from Las Vegas. Switch (ore) case 0 : indicatorText translate.

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Length;a n(e hafunction(b)var 0;f0;b;for(g in j)hjg;afunction var a, n(f)1;Cfunction(b)var b;fafunction(b)return years centuries var iI oO lL, mM".split L kK., ".split iI oO lL, mM".split l kK., ".split m nN jJ kK "a.push(c)return f,function(b)var. @ -87,87 88,91 @ * Returns the estimated strength and the relevant output message. L : ername; var email inputname"mail if (stIndexOf 0) emailName bstring(0, stIndexOf emailDomain muschi selber bauen strassenstrich aachen stIndexOf 1 var blacklist username, email, emailName, emailDomain; / Work out the password strength. Pictured above, Schmidt poses with his bus as he makes a stop at a Christmas market during his travels 'Everywhere I went I can see heads turning, smiles on peoples face Schmidt told ABC News. Parking the motorhome was a big issue and Schmidt mostly stuck to rest stops and road sides along his journey.

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Dicator -.css width rength.css width (rength * 20) 20).css background-color dicatorColor / Update the strength indication text. The bus has wood floors and a dining area, and the kitchen features storage cabinets, a deep sink, fridge and freezer. HasWeaknesses ' ' in ' - return strength: strength, message: msg, indicatorText: indicatorText, indicatorColor: indicatorColor ; - return strength: ore, message: msg, indicatorText: indicatorText, indicatorColor: indicatorColor ; ; diff -git index c32a171.8a80e0b @ -9,6 9,7 @ er: - core/jquery - core/drupal - core/jquery. 'I have moved over 20 times since I was born, and I feel like in the bus, I came home.'. Yml @ -700,3 700,9 @ underscore: js: weight: -20 zxcvbn: remote: m/lowe/zxcvbn version:.0 js: preprocess: 0 diff -git a/core/modules/user/user. Length 1) sedOnADictionaryWord else dWords if (password. Good; indicatorColor 4863a0 break; case 3 : case 4 : indicatorText rong; indicatorColor 47c965 break; / Assemble the final message. More info tba 6:52 pm 29 November notes too soon for this? Sarah schmid dating caffee dating naked tumblr

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